Small Round Fire Dish. Mild Steel. Original Design.
Small Elliptical Fire Dish. Mild Steel. Original Design.
Mild Steel Gate. Signature Slam Plate
Mild Steel Gate. Lock Fitted.
Mild Steel Gate. Powder Coated.
Mild Steel Powder Coated Railings, to match gate.
ERW Square Tube. Tig Welded.
Mild Steel Railings.
Fabrication of Original Fire Dish. 1.5m Overal Diametre.
316 Stainless Steel Brushed Finished Shelves. Brackets included.
Alluminium Ramp. Disabled Access Solution.
Fully Fabricated and TIG Welded.
Furnace Frames. Full fabrication. TIG Welded to Spec.
Magnifying Machine. Mild Steel.